Frequently asked Q&A

1. Where is Wolvenberg & Stille Waters located?
Answer:We are located just outside Rawsonville.(Goudyn)

2.Do we have electricity points?
Answer: We do yes ,we have electricity points on every campsite.

3.Do we have a shop on the premises?
Answer: Yes , it is located at the Stille Waters campsites and it is called the Honesty shop(Only cash)

4.Do we sell wood?
Answer: Yes ,we sell wood ,we deliver it aswell. It is R130/100 pieces Black Wattle.

5. Do we have fishing facilities?
Answer: Yes we do.The Waterkloof River flows by the Kloof and Stille Waters sites and there are 3 dams you can fish in.

6.Do we prefer email or Whatsapp?
Answer: We rather prefer to work with Whatsapp.

7.Are all our roads accessible with any type of vehicle?
Answer: Yes.

8.Do we supply braaigrids and any type of braai equipment?
Answer: We do not. You will have to bring your own.

9.Are the chalets included in the price?
Answer: No ,you pay extra for the chalet.

10.Do we supply toiletpaper in the bathrooms?
Answer: Yes

11.Does Stille Waters 6 have a swimming pool?
Answer: Yes

12.How does the honesty shop work?
Answer:The honesty shop is only cash so when you buy something there is a safe where you put the money in or when you do not have the exact enough money you can send a summary of what you bought and then you can EFT.